2012 Boat Tour Post Card for Allegheny Land Trust

land trust organization boat tour post card

2012 ALT Boat Tour post card.

For 2012 we decided to go with a sort of a Caribbean theme and color scheme, using a shade of orange suggested by one of the board members. Add purple and green and a few decorative fonts, and we’re ready for fun on the rivers!

This land conservation organization offers a boat tour to those interested in seeing a unique view of Pittsburgh from each of the city’s three rivers, then a tour up the Allegheny to see Sycamore Island, which they’ve purchased and conserved as a unique ecosystem, and considerably cleaned up everyone else’s bright ideas about what to do with an island in a river.

The largest photo is a water level view of Sycamore Island. It may look remote, but it’s actually very close to downtown Pittsburgh on the right and very near an industrial landing on the left.

The tour is a benefit for all of ALT’s land conservation programs.

This 4″ x 6″ post card features photos from a previous boat tour taken by ALT volunteers. It’s mailed to ALT members and as become an annual event. Creating a new look for an annual mailing can be a challenge, but new colors and photos decidedly help with the look. Take a look at last year’s design.

Visit the Allegheny Land Trust website and also read about Sycamore Island.

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