The Living History Event and More: ACFL&MH News

front page of andrew carnegie free library & music hall newsletter

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall newsletter, Spring/Summer 2012

We’ve just published another newsletter, just in time for the Civil War Sesquicentennial Living History Event on April 28.

Usually my designs for this customer are saturated with color and detail to best describe the events and historical nature of this versatile facility. I’ve been photographing it for years in all its days and nights, performances and special events and everyday use by children and adults.

But after all the full-color design I create for this and other customers, I enjoy returning to the green and black palette for this newsletter and the challenge of visually describing it without all the rich oak and terra cotta tones that are so familiar to it. And choosing a photo for the front page to entice visitors to the Living History Event from last year’s images, so densely green with spring and the blues of the uniforms, as more of a task than I’d imagined.

All photos of the facility and events at and for the facility are ones I’ve taken as I attend events and just stop by as a regular Library user catching candids of the facility in use by its many visitors.

I’ve also written a few of the articles and given it an overall edit for style and content.

In addition to this major event, the Music Hall will be the venue for a series of six chamber music concerts, and the annual benefit concert features Sean Jones, among other performances throughout the year.

And the Capt. Thos. Espy Post, the meeting place of a chapter of one of the first organized veteran’s organizations in history, certainly in the United States, is open for tours every Saturday in addition to the tours offered during the Living History event.

Download and read the newsletter here.

Or visit the website and read about the event and other programs and performances at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.

Though the lead article mentions an exhibit with myself and Rick D’Loss, we found we couldn’t put the exhibit together and hang it for this weekend. You can find my photos of past Living History events as well as photos of the Library &  Music Hall by visiting the photo gallery on the Carnegie Carnegie website and browsing the other items I’ve designed for them on this site.

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