about this site

I post my latest work in fine art, photography, writing and design for customers and friends to peruse. I also hope that my customers and friends can get to know each other, even if it’s only virtually.

I had previously maintained this information as a page on my website, but the managed content on a blog is so much easier to maintain, so in January 2010 I converted six months of entries to this blog layout. Now all entries are searchable by both categories and tags if you want to see other works I’ve done for the same client, or works similar to the one you are viewing.

Most articles have clickable links to both customer sites and pages on my own website, or you can visit the Main Index on on my website for access to all the galleries mentioned on this page.


  1. Gail Sheffield

    I was browsing lino block prints (I do a little printmaking) and found your blog. I am also a cat freak and have done quite of bit of trapping ferals for spay/neuter in two states. The stink bug item recalled a winter housesitting in Montana. I was lonely without an animal. In the evening, when the news came on TV, a stink bug would fly down and sit on the sofa arm next to me for 30 or so minutes. This went on for quite a while. I would talk to him/her, and touch the back. The heavy sweetish odor was fine. I cleverly named it Stinky, and have thereafter been quite fond of them, never allowing one to get hurt if I can help it.

    • Gail, how neat that a stinkbug befriended you! They do tend to find a place to stay and stay there, and they don’t move quickly, like on a windowsill in a room, but I’ve never had one visit me consistently. I never minded the smell, in fact for a gardener it’s familiar. Perhaps one of your cats sent it to keep you company. My current cats usually push them around or knock them down to watch them climb up again, though I have and have had other cats who apparently considered them an important source of protein.

      I love block prints and have a few more planned. I used to create at least one each year, but for the past few years I haven’t taken the time for various reasons, plus I’ve been trying to find new options for inks that are waterproof but not petroleum based. I look forward to spending this spring cutting new blocks and printing, experimenting to my heart’s content.

      Thanks for subscribing to The Creative Cat! I’ve been a little light on articles during my holiday rush, but I’ll be posting new and reposting past articles again.

      I’m sure Montana is beautiful this time of year! And thanks for taking care of feral cats!

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