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This customer had the opportunity to advertise in a program for an event sponsored by the organization they had assisted in conserving a parcel of land on Mt. Washington, just above downtown Pittsburgh.

I used an aerial photo we’d used in the newsletter and other materials for this Mt. Washington project, but because the ad was vertical and the photo horizontal there was space to fill. But that allowed for a nice big type treatment—how often do we ever have space for that—and a cool new font, “Museo”, from It couldn’t be too far out, though, so I kept the layout pretty conservative.

Headlines are extremely important, running neck and neck with the image in an institutional ad like this. When I first began as a typesetter there were type houses which specialized in typesetting headlines, just setting the type, carefully kerning the letters, even pulling in punctuation or capital letters from another font if that worked better for the overall look. When type is set that big on a page, it needs to be perfect or the inconsistencies will get in the way of the message.

So here we are: headline, image, message, contact. The whole thing jumped to mind in one piece, though I had to move the headline text around a little until it worked for a visual balance.

And everyone gets to see a really neat aerial photo of Pittsburgh, done by Ace Aerial Photography. It’s too bad I had to enlarge the photo and crop the left side of the image so you can’ t see the stadiums and more of the rolling hills in that direction.

If you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh, just briefly, that little point of land in the upper left of the photo is “The Point” where the Allegheny River, on the left coming down from New York State, and the Monongahela River, on the right coming up from West Virginia, come together to form the Ohio River. If you look closely you’ll see a dividing line down the middle of the Ohio where the waters of the two rivers flow side by side before they actually mingle.

That little cluster of buildings on that point of land back to where the Monongahela River begins to bend away to the right and disappears is just about all of the downtown area, though the city itself is much larger and there is plenty happening to the east of the city in Oakland, to the North on the North Shore, to the south on the South Side and to the West all along the Ohio River.

It’s hard to tell at this angle how high Mt. Washington really is, or that it’s actually a sheer drop off the edge right over the Ohio River and down past the point.

But you can see the lovely green hills of Western Pennsylvania, all surrounding Pittsburgh. All that is worth conserving.

You can see more of the advertisements I’ve designed on my website under Advertisements or by searching this blog for the category advertisement. You can also see other products I’ve designed for this customer elsewhere on this blog under Allegheny Land Trust and on my website under Allegheny Land Trust.

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