A Pretty Gift Certificate for Whole Health Resources

gift certificate for whole health resources

Certificate front.

This customer and I have been working on a new theme and color scheme for her 25-year business, and so far we’ve been happy with the golden yellow and deep red, rich, warm, welcoming colors. I keep returning to the woodland sunflowers in designs for her; their centuries-old healing properties as well as their color and simply their visual appeal no doubt have something to do with this.

certificate back

Certificate back

The basic information appears on the front and Deborah’s list of services appears on the back.

We can use this certificate for many events now that it’s set up, just changing the name of the organization and event. I can forward the PDF to a printer near my customer where she can pick it up after it’s been printed.

You can see more of the gift certificates and other unique products I’ve designed on my website under Unique Products or find similar products on this blog in the category flyer. You can also see other products I’ve designed for this customer elsewhere on this blog under Whole Health Resources and on my website under Whole Health Resources.

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