Allegheny Valley School Newsletter

avs news cover

AVS 'Perspectives' cover

We’ve just finished another semi-annual newsletter, Perspectives, packed full of stories and information about this school’s programs and recent activities.

Allegheny Valley School operates residential facilities and therapeutic programs throughout Pennsylvania for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ranging in age from children to older adults. Most of the people they serve have multiple disabilities, need help with daily living activities and may also have multiple medical issues requiring constant physical care and attendance.

This year they are celebrating their golden anniversary, 50 years of assisting their residents to live as independently as possibly and reach their greatest individual potential.

page 6 of newsletter

Layout for page 6

This customer provides me with the stories and associated images and I fit those materials into their layout and format. I’ll use artwork, illustrations and simply colored borders and backgrounds to make the pages look bright and colorful. The newsletter is only 12 pages, and considering all they do in all their facilities it’s a challenge to fit it all in, but it’s a pleasure to read about what fun their residents have had and what achievements they have accomplished in the most recent six months or so.

Above is the cover and one here is also one interior layout showing what I created for their pages outlining their 50th anniversary celebration. I found a starry background and modified the color in PhotoShop to resemble shades of gold, then used the star character in one of my dingbats fonts to use as the shape to highlight the copy blocks.

Please visit their website at where you can read the entire newsletter under “Publications”; choose “Summer 2010”.

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