Bounty in the Barn, and Some Autumn Inspiration

post card for event

Bounty in the Barn post card.

This is an annual event for this customer, and the challenge of an annual event is to both create an identity and also to make it appear new and fresh when it’s time to promote it.

poster for event

Bounty in the Barn poster

I liked the bit of colorful clip art the first year and we also used it the second year. I still like the colors, but I quickly grew tired of the style; it’s cute and eye-catching and certainly indicates a fun time, but doesn’t really carry any serious import for an annual benefit event and the cause it represents, conserving land for the public good.

This year I used a muted silhouetted version of a photo I’d taken of a hilltop field in the background. For the audience of people who spend time outdoors, the grasses and other wild plants would be easily recognizable as a familiar scene. We kept those warm earth tones and let the photo subtly suggest the natural look of an overgrown field in Western Pennsylvania.

printed invitation for event

Bounty in the Barn invitation, outside panels.

The materials always consist of a full color post card notification, a mailed invitation package printed in one color on card stock and envelopes, and a poster to distribute, along with a few other individual signs.

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