Greeting Cards Available at Puhlman’s Flower Shoppe

image of animal sympathy card

They find a comfortable spot in your heart to live in forever and ever.

If you can’t find me but you desperately need one of my cards, you can visit another shop on Carnegie’s Main Street for Animal Sympathy Cards and Flower Greeting Cards.

image of ferns on greeting card

"You're my best frond."

Puhlman Flower Shoppe at 228 East Main Street will carry three of my Animal Sympathy Cards and four of my Flower Greeting Cards. I saw the owner at a Carnegie business mixer last week and asked if she’d be interested in a few of my cards. She invited me to bring them to her shop.

Puhlman Flower Shoppe is one of the oldest businesses in Carnegie, established in 1908! It’s been in the same spot on East Main Street for all those years, and the owner, Marcia Puhlman Petkovich, is a descendant of the original owners and it is still a family-owned and operated business. Their reputation in town is stellar for quality and service, and the shop is full of gift items and interesting houseplants as well as lovely flowers.

And did I mention they have a resident calico cat? I’ll have to photograph her one of these days when I write my article about working animals about town!

I have always purchased my flowers at the shop, some for happy greetings, some for older relatives who’ve passed.

It’s important to keep small businesses in business, so stop in to visit if you’re near Carnegie! It will benefit both me and Puhlman’s.

Visit Puhlman’s website at

You can also see my Animal Sympathy Cards and Flower Greeting Cards in the Online Marketplace on my website.

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