Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Membership

I juried into this organization this fall and was notified this week that I was accepted. Jurying is complicated—seven images on disk sent with the application, then three live works left for jurors to inspect on another day. I applied years ago and did what I thought was logical and submitted 10 works in totally different styles and media, hoping to show my versatility. What they wanted was 10 works in the same medium and style to see a consistency of skill and rendering. And I see why—I have a two neat acrylic paintings from my forays into the medium, one of which, My Neighbor’s Laundry, is a real favorite, but I would never consider myself proficient in the medium.

The AAP is one of the oldest, largest and continually running art organizations in the country, and I’m excited to be a part of their shows and events. They are just about to celebrate their 100th anniversary, and their member list through the years has included the most prominent artists in Pittsburgh’s history. Visit their site,

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