Scott Conservancy Brochure Design

brochure cover for scott conservancy

Brochure Cover

I had the opportunity last fall to design a brochure for a small conservation organization of which I am a member. I have a special feeling for this organization and the large tract of land they conserved—The Scott Conservancy was founded to conserve special areas in Scott Township PA, which is actually the community next door to me and the community where I grew up, and that very tract of land is an area I explored and played in while I was growing up, and even today I photograph and paint there.

Outside of brochure.

Outside of brochure.

In addition to my own sentimental attachment it’s also a historical area, being one of the places in Pennsylvania where the Whiskey Rebellion took place. The brochure is a general informational brochure to introduce the organization, with it’s done and plans to do, and welcome new members and donations. Though the organization has other projects around the township, conserving this land is their biggest and is ongoing, so the brochure focuses on this land. The organization members wrote the copy and I had the chance to use some of my favorite photos.

Inside layout of brochure.

Inside layout of brochure.

I am pleased to use my talents as a designer to produce this grant-funded brochure, as well as use three photos which I’d shared on my daily photo blog, Today, so I knew they were popular with viewers and hope that same magic would work with those interested in the organization.

On the back is one photo from a series that is one of my favorites, “Wildflowers of a Summer Evening”. I attended the annual picnic in early August when the wildflower bed was at its peak of beauty and as the sun began to set and the light turned golden and backlit many of the flowers the whole bed seemed to glow. The choice was difficult, but I used this photo.


“Evening Wildflowers”, taken of the native wildflower garden planted on a slope leading up to the site.

You can see a slideshow of the flowers here and linked to my photo blog, Today, and also on my old original photography website. It’s the same slideshow, just plenty of links.

On the outside cover is a photo of my brother resting on a bench along one of the trails during a trail clean-up day in early summer. My family members never realize when they’ll become models for photos and art—but I do ask permission before I use them in a printed piece for a customer!

path in woods with person

One of the walking paths in Kanes Woods; the model is actually my brother taking a break.

And finally, one of my favorites, one of the years I attended the annual picnic all my great nieces and nephews attended as well along with my sister and one of my nieces. I had the great fun of walking with all the kids up the very same stream bed I had walked when I was their age! I had dozens of photos from that day. The semi-transparent white screen on the inside of the brochure is a little too opaque to see what’s really happening in that photo, but I know who’s there.

kids playing in stream

The stream that runs down a ravine along one edge of the conservation area; I played in this very stream growing up, and the models are my great nieces and nephews.

Overall, I hope the photos and design encourage others to take notice of the area and stop by to visit, walk their digs, walk the trails, search the woods for birds and other wildlife, enjoy the quiet, and appreciate the work the organization has done in conserving this spot of greenspace.

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All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission.

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