A Published Rescue Story

black cat with magazine article

Giuseppe looks over the article as I’m reading.

I am fortunate that the cats who grew old with me taught me lessons I would never otherwise have learned, and I am compelled to both use that knowledge with my own senior rescues and share it with others to help with elder kitties and to encourage others to adopt senior kitties as well.

That’s why I’m so pleased I’ve had the opportunity to write an article that tells not one but six rescue stories with happy endings! The article, “Spectacular Seniors”, is in the November-December 2014 issue of Rescue Me magazine, a publication devoted to stories and hands-on information about rescuing homeless pets of all species and finding them loving forever homes. What could be a better place? The article tells the stories of three cats and three dogs, each different in their rescue, in their adoption and in their life after rescue. Some of these pets were very old, geriatric actually. Wow, did I meet the incredible people while interviewing for this story, from all over the country, in shelters and rescues, in small organizations and individual rescuers in their homes!

I began the interviews just as Kennedy was entering his last weeks, and though he wasn’t that old he was still a senior by definition, past the age of seven, and I finished it after he’d passed. I thought of him a lot in the time just after as I talked with all these other wonderful rescuers; this will be another thing that brings back his memory. I also remembered the months with Lady Emeraude and our short but wonderful time with Lakota. It was all a wonderful experience.

rescueme magazine

The November-December 2014 issues.

I can’t publish the article here, but you can read it in the November-December 2014 issue by finding it on the news stand, or better yet, by purchasing a year’s subscription—50% of the cost of every subscription is donated to a rescue of your choice! When you subscribe you choose an organization to support, and I’ll give you a hint:

the Rescue ID for the Homeless Cat Management Team is

You will also find others there you know, as well, and won’t it be nice to make a donation when you’re getting a year’s worth of information? The magazine publishes bi-monthly, packed with 80 pages of information in vibrant colorful layouts and lots of photos of rescued pets.  I have enjoyed reading every page.

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