ALT “Vistas” Newsletter Summer 2014

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ALT “Vistas” Summer 2014

The summer issue of Vistas has been out for a while! We’ve used the new look and layout again, including this wonderful magazine-style front cover with just a nice juicy photo of the grass in one of the conservation areas after a storm, and one blue darner damselfly. That’s a photo I took five years ago and I was thrilled to be able to use it.

Vistas had always printed with the same three colors from the logo and the green bars on the outside edge of each page and the same photo pasted into the text for the title, but a few years ago we began to use seasonal colors and then finally changed over to resemble more of a magazine on gloss-coated paper stock instead of the uncoated and a photo featured on the front cover. You can read more about the changes we made in the post about the spring newsletter. Visit the Allegheny Land Trust website and read more about what they do–and you can even read this newsletter and others archived on the site.

Take a look at other issues of Vistas as well as other design projects for the Allegheny Land Trust, and other newsletters.

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    I love it when I get to use one of my photos for a design, and don’t miss the summer issue of Allegheny Land Trust’s “Vistas” newsletter.

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