Two-color Design: Monroeville Program Book Spring 2014

program book cover

Monroeville program book cover spring 2014.

It’s time for the spring catalog of classes for this customer and once again it’s two-color design with heavy text formatting; I like variety in my design assignments. I’ve been designing this catalog quarterly since 2010. One of the colors is always black, the other color is seasonal but we try not to repeat colors year after year. The client suggested a bright pink this time since we’d already used red-violet, yellow and grass green so I chose a “camellia pink” if you’re of an age to remember a color with that name, dark enough to hold text and photos, but light enough to contrast well with black and catch the eye on an uncoated paper stock.

Once full-color printing became affordable, no one wanted to use spot colors anymore—but for about half of my career as a designer, that’s what we had to design with. Creating an attractive one-, two- or three-color layout is still a challenge, but one I welcome. Much as I love color, I enjoy the simple clarity of spot colors.

two-color design

Two-page spread from inside incorporating photos and artwork.

For this catalog of classes offered by a municipality, I was given a Word document with all the descriptions and charts, though I had to do a little rearranging of text. The customer initially provided some photos, I provided the rest from my disks of stock photos as well as from my own photos, but as time went on they began photographing classes and activities so they’d have images specific to their recreational areas.

You can see a version of the publication on the Municipality of Monroeville website, though the site sometimes has trouble opening; just be patient. You can also read about other versions of this product.

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