ALT “Vistas” Has A New Look

newsletter cover

The new cover of “Vistas”.

Sometimes it’s good to freshen the look of something. Vistas had always printed with the same three colors from the logo and the green bars on the outside edge of each page and the same photo pasted into the text for the title, but a few years ago we began to use seasonal colors. We’ve been talking about changing the look of this newsletter again, this time to resemble more of a magazine on gloss-coated paper stock instead of the uncoated and a photo featured on the front cover. This time it’s one of mine, a trillium from my Panhandle Trail series, and in the future it will be photos taken by staff at conservation areas.

So that’s what we have above. Inside is a cleaner layout with no page sidebars or headers and footers. I used to use blocks of solid color or screened color to set things off so the pages looked interesting, but for now everything is light and simple, including a sans serif font that sets larger so it’s easier to read.

inside spread of newsletter

An inside spread.

Visit the Allegheny Land Trust website and read more about what they do–and you can even read this newsletter and others archived on the site.

Take a look at other issues of Vistas as well as other design projects for the Allegheny Land Trust, and other newsletters.

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