“Cranberry Goes to the Block Party”, Illustrations, Design and Printing

Cover of "Cranberry Goes to the Block Party"

Cover of “Cranberry Goes to the Block Party”

Cranberry Goes to the Block Party is finished, bound and delivered. I initially posted a sketch and outlined the idea back in May, and through the following months worked out the illustrations, designed the text and coordinated the printing and binding of a very small but important number of copies—this was given as a Christmas gift to members of my customer’s family in memory of their mother and grandmother, and now great-grandmother.

My customer and friend wrote this brief little book, not so much for the sake of publishing, but for the sake of memory. She grew up on Long Island and her mother was a librarian and cat lover. She remembered her mother reading the books of Clare Turlay Newberry and studying the illustrations, and carried on the tradition with her daughters.

Read more about this book and see more images on The Creative Cat.

sample spread from book

Sample spread from book.

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