Allegheny Land Trust Vistas Newsletter Winter 2012

Front cover of ALT Vistas Newsletter Winter 2012

Front cover of ALT Vistas Newsletter Winter 2012

Who said winter was without color?

We just finished another 8-page newsletter for Allegheny Land Trust. For this newsletter I edit and proofread the copy provided by the staff, provide photos and illustrations where needed although most are provided by staff, occasionally write an article, and design the content. It’s printed in full color, perfect to highlight the beauty of the landscapes they conserve, and because it’s published more or less quarterly it’s just right for a seasonally-themed color scheme.

The biggest task is design—the jigsaw puzzle of fitting lots of copy and detailed information into only eight pages, which never seems as if it will be enough especially when the back page is half taken by a mailing panel. So much is happening in land conservation all over Allegheny County and beyond.

The theme this issue was “Free Winter Fun”, and turning real photos of people enjoying winter activities on their conservation sites into vintage-looking post cards was only natural! While the conservation areas see a good bit of use during summer and autumn, they wanted to promote the enjoyment of their various conservation areas for winter activities like ice skating, cross-country skiing and winter birdwatching. Personally, I can agree because winter is one of my favorite times of the year to paint and photograph.

vistas alt newsletter header

The header text with image fill.

We had stayed with a standard color scheme for most of the years I’ve been designing, but a couple of years ago decided to change the color scheme for each issue. The letters of the title “Vistas” are filled with a photo, which had originally been a treed hillside, but now it’s one of the first decisions to determine which of my local seasonal photos I can use to describe the season and set the color scheme.The trick is finding an image where what makes it recognizable falls inside the letters.

In this case I knew it would be one of my detail photos of snow, hence the cyan, and a deep shade of that wonderful violet of a winter dusk, hence the cerulean and violet color scheme.

A particularly colorful inside spread of the newsletter.

A particularly colorful inside spread of the newsletter.

At right, a text-heavy page that still looks interesting and keeps with the color scheme with use of color boxes and backgrounds but also coordinates with the standing feature of the yellow notebook page behind “Notes from the Land”. tying in the “red tape” theme also makes it look festive for the holidays.

Archived newsletters,  including the latest issue, as well as other newsletters and more about the organization, on the Allegheny Land Trust website.

You can see other newsletters and materials I’ve designed for this customer on this site, from post cards to interpretive signage. For other materials I’ve designed for this customer, please visit the “graphic design and illustration” page on my website and choose Allegheny Land Trust.

Also please browse other newsletters on this site. I provide a range of services for newsletter customers, from simply the design up to and including all the writing, images and illustration plus print coordination.

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