Allegheny Land Trust Vistas Newsletter Autumn 2012

front cover of newsletter

The front page has nearly the same layout each issue, so making it look different from a previous issue is important.

We just finished another 8-page newsletter for Allegheny Land Trust. For this newsletter I edit and proofread the copy provided by the staff, provide photos and illustrations where needed, occasionally write an article, and design the content. It’s printed in full color, perfect to highlight the beauty of the landscapes they conserve, and because it’s published more or less quarterly it’s just right for a seasonally-themed color scheme.

page of newsletter

Page 2 of Vistas; I’ll be talking more about the flower icon soon.

The biggest task is design—the jigsaw puzzle of fitting lots of copy and detailed information into only eight pages, which never seems as if it will be enough especially when the back page is half taken by a mailing panel. So much is happening in land conservation all over Allegheny County and beyond.

At left, a good amount of text but still using as many photos as possible of a proposed conservation area that needs a lot of work in remediation, so needs a lot of funds raised to be able to fulfill the possibilities for conservation and land use. The flower emblem in the center is my design as well; I’ll be talking about that a little later.

We had stayed with a standard color scheme for most of the years I’ve been designing, but a couple of years ago decided to change the color scheme for each issue. The letters of the title “Vistas” are filled with a photo, which had originally been a treed hillside, but now it’s one of the first decisions to determine which of my local seasonal photos I can use to describe the season and set the color scheme.The trick is finding an image where what makes it recognizable falls inside the letters.

page 3 of vistas

A text-heavy page made more interesting with color and background images.

In this case it was one of a million or so photos I have of autumn leaves, and knowing the choice of photo would determine the color palette for the newsletter and I had used oranges and yellows last year, I looked for some of the more red and orange leaves and also wanted blue sky as a complement. I took the photo in my back yard, looking up at the sky through my dogwood.

I chose a rich dark red and a yellow orange along with a greener cerulean blue.That color scheme carries through the rest of the issue for standing features such as the headers and footers on each page as well as screened areas, boxes around images, column rules and other design elements; you can also see a small version of “Vistas” at the top left and right of each page header.

At right, a text-heavy page that still looks interesting and keeps with the color scheme with use of color boxes and backgrounds.

Below is a two-page spread showing the conservation activities all over the county with a map, photos and text. The text and photos are placed near the actual property on the map.

center spread for newsletter

What’s the best way to fit a map and photos and text?

Archived newsletters,  including the latest issue, as well as other newsletters and more about the organization, on the Allegheny Land Trust website.

You can see other newsletters and materials I’ve designed for this customer on this site, from post cards to interpretive signage. For other materials I’ve designed for this customer, please visit the “graphic design and illustration” page on my website and choose Allegheny Land Trust.

Also please browse other newsletters on this site. I provide a range of services for newsletter customers, from simply the design up to and including all the writing, images and illustration plus print coordination.

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