E-Book Design

e-book cover

Cover for electronic version of “Witness to a Rescue”.

illustration of cat

Illustration No. 1.

I’ve been learning to design and format e-books for my own sake and professionally—I’m a designer, I had designed books for two publishers years ago, this is another exciting skill to learn and to offer to commercial customers as well as for my own writing. I used a brief illustrated story I’d written and published on my site, The Creative Cat, and used all the various formatting methods I read about everywhere—Word, Calibre, Kindle Previewer and a list of free programs that held promise for making the process simpler and more easily understandable than when I’d initially tried it a year ago.

illustration of cat and woman

Illustration No. 2.

I’m no stranger to formatting things. I began designing over 30 years ago and working as a typesetter nearly as long ago. I remember hand-setting wooden blocks for signs, “setting type” on a label maker that imprinted hand-set letters in ink on clear tape so that I could paste it up on a flyer, and reading the one tiny line of type on an LED screen in the middle of a refrigerator-sized computer that was an early Varityper. I followed each generation of computer from DOS screens to WYSIWYG to the intial Macintosh and PC, the Aldus, Adobe, Corel programs, Microsoft, Lotus, IBM…learning to format text and art has evolved, as has the underlying coding and process, which has actually made it easier to learn the next new thing.

illustration of cat

Illustration No. 3

My first interest was my own books, most of which will have photos or illustrations and are just a little complicated compared to straight text, so I was glad to learn that first. Straight text was pretty straightforward. I’ve never cared for formatting electronic files of any sort in Word though even with all the extra unnecessary coding Word includes in the files they went through the process fine. I don’t have any e-book devices but I can read them on my computer. I use both Kindle Previewer and Kindle Cloud Reader to read books intended for Kindle, and a program called Calibre to read e-books in other formats, and these were also the end products I used to format the files for this book and others I’m drafting now.

The story is true, from 19 or 20 years ago and have had the story and illustrations in mind all these years. This apartment building is still there, still blue, still has a deck with doors at the backs of the apartments; I think of it every time I look at the building. I decided one day to finally write the story after I’d found the medium I wanted to use for the illustrations—watercolor pencils with which I could draw my ideas, then wash water over them to soften certain areas, and leave my drawing lines in others. The cover, above, is as simple as possible because it will be seen most often as a tiny thumbnail, though a print book cover usually has more information.

And now for the story

I don’t have any e-book devices but I can read them on my computer. I use both Kindle Previewer and Kindle Cloud Reader to read books intended for Kindle, and a program called Calibre to read e-books in other formats.

You can read it live in Witness to a Rescue on The Creative Cat.

Most electronic readers can open it as an EPUB file.

Kindle readers work best with a MOBI file.

Find it on Amazon.com.


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