Ladies’ Luncheon Menu and Tickets for 2012

luncheon ticket layout

Ladies' Luncheon Ticket for 2012.

designed luncheon menu

And the menu with lilies.

Every year I choose a different flower for this project, something from my own flower garden from the previous year since I usually design the ticket in January or February, the menu a little later.

This year, however, I decided I had to use the white lilies I had photographed in the previous years in my neighbor’s garden. I did photograph a few single lilies intentionally, knowing I’d find a use for them, but in this case I also cropped and clipped lilies out of other photos and put them together as need be.

I design this for a print broker who actually meets with the customer, but the request and feedback are pretty clear. In any case, it’s a joy to design something that’s just plain pretty and has me browsing photos of flowers in the coldest month of the year.

This is the fifth year I’ve designed this menu and ticket set. To see other years of designs with pansies, pink roses, daisies and more, click the links below. What a pleasure to design something that’s just plain pretty.

Ladies’ Luncheon Menu and Tickets 2011

Ladies’ Luncheon Menu and Tickets 2010

And visit my website in “graphic design and illustration” under Unique Products to see the 2009 version with daisies.

Because I don’t have the 2008 version anywhere I’ve pasted them below.

ticket with tulips

2008 ticket design with tulips.

luncheon menu design

Luncheon menu to coordinate.

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