A Lot to Catch Up On!

Self-portrait With Kublai

I’ve had several big projects of my own in the past few months which have taken quite a bit of time to complete, promote and follow through. I’ve also had a few customers in transition and we’ve been working in the background organizing files and transferring data from one website to another, for instance, pretty boring stuff.

Also, occasionally a printer or print broker I work brings me work from a customer who prefers I didn’t publicize that I’m the designer; I always used to keep these business relationships in confidence simply for professional reasons, and the rare unscrupulous customer who will try to work around his print representative and approach me directly, thinking he’ll get a better deal.

But I’ll be catching up on the projects I’ve been designing since mid-summer. Pardon me if you suddenly start to get a post each day for a while—I’ve tried to keep these two one or two per week so I don’t flood anybody’s inbox, but I’ll be caught up soon and back on schedule.

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