Carnegie, a Town and its Library: ACFL&MH News

acfl news cover

ACFL News Summer 2011

We’ve just finished another newsletter, bigger than ever, and just in time for the Civil War Sesquicentennial Living History Weekend on April 30.

It’s also the 110th birthday of the Library’s opening on May 2, 1901.

After all the full-color design I create, I enjoy returning to the green and black palette for this newsletter. All photos of the facility and events at and for the facility are ones I’ve taken as I attend events and just stop by as a regular Library user catching candids of the facility in use by its many visitors.

This Library has served Carnegie and the surrounding towns for 110 years, and it still welcomes everyone in its reach to its open and bright interior. After years of use, then neglect, it has been renovated, room by room, in a huge campaign to restore its original grandeur and update accommodations where necessary.

The Music Hall, with its new and very comfortable seats replacing the tiny wooden theater seats, is modeled on Carnegie Hall in New York, and with its intimate seating capacity performers love the space. There isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The Civil War Room was the meeting place of a chapter of one of the first organized veteran’s organizations in history, certainly in the United States, and housed all the artifacts the members deemed important and held dear. Once there were about 7,000 “posts”, now there are fewer than a dozen and this room is possibly the most intact of all.

Download and read the newsletter here.

Or visit the website and read about the event and other programs and performances at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall.

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