Allegheny Valley School “Perspectives” Newsletter

AVS Perspectives cover

AVS Perspectives cover

Just in time for the Super Bowl, we finished Allegheny Valley School’s winter edition of Perspectives.

2010 was their 50th Anniversary of serving children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and while the 50th is considered the “golden anniversary”, here in Pittsburgh it’s the “Black and Golden Anniversary” as they named their fall fundraiser.

And the Super Bowl tie is their ownership of the trademark to the Terrible Towel®, given to them by the Towel’s inventor Myron Cope in 1996. Myron Cope’s son was a longtime resident at AVS and he felt the royalties earned from sales of the Towel and its derivative products would benefit the school’s programs for years to come. So if you’ve recently purchased a Terrible Towel or an official Terrible product, you’ve helped these programs and the school’s residents, and this Super Bowl Sunday, when you see the Towel waving in the stands, remember Myron and AVS.

AVS Perspectives

AVS Perspectives sample page

This issue also includes an interesting outline of their 50 years of growth in the number of people they serve and the range of programs they offer, starting out in an huge Victorian mansion in Crafton-Ingram in 1960.

I design the newsletter for this non-profit school for individuals intellectual and developmental disabilities, and I’m glad to do this little bit to help AVS care for its residents. It’s usually 12 pages and absolutely bursting with information from their numerous programs and residences all over Pennsylvania. They provide the copy and the images, I fit it all together.

You can read the newsletter on the AVS website. Click this link to find the newsletter, and click this link to read about the Terrible Towel.

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