Two-color Design: Monroeville Program Book

cover of class catalog

Cover of Monroeville Winter Catalog.

It’s time for the winter catalog of classes for this customer and once again it’s two-color design with heavy text formatting; I like variety in my design assignments. One of the colors will be black, what other color best describes winter? I chose a medium bright blue, dark enough to hold text and photos, but light enough to contrast well with black and catch the eye on an uncoated paper stock.

On the cover I used one of my photos from the ice storm of 2007.

Once full-color printing became affordable, no one wanted to use spot colors anymore—but for about half of my career as a designer, that’s what we had to design with. Creating an attractive one-, two- or three-color layout is still a challenge, but one I welcome. Much as I love color, I enjoy the simple clarity of spot colors.

For this catalog of classes offered by a municipality, I was given a Word document with all the descriptions and charts, though I had to do a little rearranging of text.

Page 10 of program with my photo.

The customer provided some photos, I provided the rest from my disks of stock photos as well as from my own photos, and I feature the pages with my photos here.

I actually chose the color; knowing one would be black I choose one that would contrast well yet still be readable as text and also work for halftone photos.

Always be careful when you are a friend or relation of a photographer or painter, for you may become subject matter. Here I used a photo of one of my great-nieces in a softball game.

You can see a version of the publication on the Municipality of Monroeville website, though the site sometimes has trouble opening; just be patient. You can also read about the fall version of this product.

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