Stahl Plumbing and Heating, Spot Color Design

image of flyer

Stahl Winter 2010 front.

For years this piece was only two spot colors, maybe three on one side. Now with full-color digital printing affordable for just about everyone we’ve been converting all the older layouts to full-color layouts.

We actually liked the colorful nature of this piece, though, and I thought the warm-colored boxes and coupons, plus the phone number, against the cool blue background was about as effective as we could get with all this information—there’s certainly no room for a photo!

I actually created the entire background in InDesign using snowflakes I’d drawn years ago (many years ago, like maybe 20), and which I’ve used for many a happy print and web design for all this time. I have them saved as bitmap files in PhotoShop; different from .bmp files, this is a format for line art with no background and shows the image in total contrast, black on white. When it’s placed in a design program it has no background like an EPS but can be colored with any tint or pattern in the toolbox, and any effect can be applied to the shape of the image as well.

The layered blue swashes at the top are polygons drawn in InDesign and the falling snowflakes at the bottom are simply 1/8″ circles filled with white, which I copied and pasted and dragged around to look random, against a blue gradation. The blue hilly snow at the bottom is another polygon.

“Winter Specials” is a snow font from one of my collections.

image of flyer

Stahl Winter 2010, back

On the back, how much warmer can you get? This piece is also a self-mailer, and I try to keep any decoration well away from the area that will be addressed, partly to make sure it can be easily read and partly because under some circumstances it’s difficult to imprint the address, by special machine, on top of the ink.

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