Pittsburgh Laundry Event Invitation

tri-fold laundromat piece

Pittsburgh Laundry tri-fold, outside

Not everything is a masterpiece, supports a cause, furthers the arts or involves nearly every skill you have, but that doesn’t mean the customer doesn’t expect you to take it seriously and design a piece that will inspire customers to flock to his event. I want my customer to be successful; after all, that success turns back around to me.

The event is an open house for users of commercial washers and dryers to stop in and see what’s new, bring a utility bill and assess their usage and see how much they’d save, meet with factory representatives and eat food. So how do you design something that says all that and appeals to the various people who own laundromats and apartment buildings with coin-op equipment?

My first thought was looking in the window of a front-load washer or dryer, perhaps seeing money floating around in there, with text wrapped around the window, but I thought I may have seen something like that already.

After looking at a few other designs and advertisements and seeing the stainless steel look is in, I decided to combine that high-tech basis with primary colors and an unusual, whimsical, kind of retro font. If washers and dryers are your thing, I’m going to show you as many as I can in interesting shots and at unusual angles so you want to pick this up, open it up and see what it’s all about.

And thanks to InDesign for the ability to change opacity settings and create type effects like “emboss” right there in the file with live type, especially considering the information included these things changes easily.

The photos are all from stock photo sources, though it gives me the idea I need to stop in some laundromats to see what kind of photos I can get.

I designed this for a print broker customer, though in this case I’ve always worked directly with the customer in sending proofs and correcting.

laundry event flyer

Pittsburgh Laundry inside

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