Special Olympics Bowl-A-Thon Poster

bowling poster

Special Olympics Pennsylvania Allegheny County Bowl-A-Thon

As this customer and I discussed the design for this event’s poster, I just knew I’d use that teal in the background with a few bright colors on top, and I could almost picture the finished poster right there.

The main design piece for this event is the full-color 11″ x 17″ poster which would be distributed through the bank which is the sponsor. They’d also be printing tees so I knew I’d be handling that design since it would need to be black and white vector art. I had the logo and the layout idea and only needed to choose an illustration that would work with the design. Bowling clip art is not uncommon and usually fun and kind of silly, just what we needed. The only suggestion from the customer was that we try placing the icon from the logo in the bowling ball since the logo art is in a round shape and is slightly dimensional.

The Special Olympics logo is a warm red and a mid-range teal with black or white, so I’d be working with those colors as well as any other accent colors I’d choose. We didn’t need to use the full logo as long as the icon and the full name of the organization appeared somewhere on the poster. I really liked the teal and could picture it as the background of a poster on the bulletin board of a bank or taped to a window. The red from the logo would really jump on that teal background, so I’d use it for some of the text.

I chose the clip art for the bowling pins, simplified it to match the level of detail of the logo, and chose only one other accent color for the shape behind the bowling pins, yellow, since it was bright enough and distinct from the other colors. I matched the logo font and used it in the title and the other text on the poster.

The poster looked great but something was missing. I decided the background was just too plain and added the logo and artwork in 90% of the background color so it appeared more as a pattern. And with that, it all came together.

bowling tee front

SOAC Bowling Tee Front

Once the poster was done I converted the artwork to the clearest layout possible for one-color printing for the tee front; the two sponsor logos went on the back.

In the process, I gave the customer prices for printing much less than what she’d expected to pay, and the screen printer I referred her to also charged much less than she was accustomed to. This is a great feeling, being able to save a customer money, especially a non-profit social service organization, simply by referring them to a customer you’ve been using.

I’ve just begun with this new customer, Special Olympics Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. They were spreading the word about their bowling tournament to other care providers and one of them, a long-time customer of mine, referred me to them. Double happy! There is no greater compliment than a referral from a long-time customer, and no greater affirmation of their satisfaction with your work.

I certainly hope the poster is effective and invites many participants to the event. I know everyone will have a great time!

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