E-mail for Humane USA PA PAC Event

image of formatted e-mail

Humane USA PA PAC e-mail

Not just for the sake of the design, but I’d also like to get this event out there one more time.

I’ve been designing printed pieces for many years and thinking of promotion and announcements made in print as well. Electronic communications are an entirely new design field for all of us.

Moving from brochures and catalogs to websites was a natural move as far as design was involved; I started out approaching the task is if it was a printed page with fixed elements instead of a computer screen with variable sizes and levels of quality until I could generalize some of the technical aspects of digital viewing. For instance, at any give time, most people had a certain size monitor, so I could design for one screen load and know how much information that covered visually.

Color is different on every electronic device, especially now that people can view electronic information on their tiny cell-phone screen, but still, now you can actually design one size and layout, then modify it for electronic devices.

Likewise with e-mails, such as this one. You can send a simple e-mail invitation with just text, but just like mailing a typed sheet of information vs. a post card you get a much better response with a formatted e-mail.

E-mail has many stumbling blocks: some people turn images off in their e-mail program, some people block incoming e-mails which include links so you need to be aware while you are designing. In all cases you need to use the most common fonts available, ones which come with an operating system, to be sure that people can read your information at all, much less the way you designed it.

In this case the narrow column makes for one long e-mail, but this is fixed width can fit the message even  if someone is reading it on their notebook.

The photo of the tethered dog was given to me by Humane USA, but the other two photos are mine. The organization agreed on the text and provided it, I organized and designed it.

Much as I don’t care for Microsoft programs, I designed this in Publisher starting out with an e-mail template, then saved and sent it as a message.

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