Washington County Literacy Council Benefit Poster

image of poster design

WCLC Event Poster Design

“We need a photo of a woman reading a book holding a martini with fabulous nails!” That’s what my customer told me when he stopped with the information I’d need to design materials for this event.

This customer is a print broker, so I don’t deal directly with the WCLC, though I do correspond with them when I have questions. But he clarified the mix of images—a benefit this fall was entitled “Girls Fun Night Out” and included spa treatments, manicures, appetizers, a few drinks and entertainment for a ticket price to benefit the WCLC.

I knew I’d never come up with one single image I could use, nor could I easily photograph one! I searched my favorite internet photobanks and found two photos I could combine for the one image that would work. Believe it or not, the woman on the right was in one image—dressed for a night out with freshly-manicured nails, and holding a book. What more could I ask for? I found a companion photo of a woman with a martini, removed the backgrounds in each and combined them in Photoshop.

The type style and design, and even the colors, magenta and black, look so 80s, but it’s eye-catching! This was used on a post card and flyer as well.

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