Sold Two Pieces in Carnegie Painted!

pastel painting of houses on a hillside at dusk

Late Winter Evening

White houses on top of hill

Early Spring Sunset

I usually create at least one special work for this show, and then have one other I’ve done during the year that qualifies, but this year I didn’t do either.

Instead, I pulled three small en plein air sketches I’d done and framed through the years of a cluster of houses on the edge of a hill in Carnegie that catch the late afternoon and evening sunlight so beautifully in the winter and early spring. All the houses have white siding and dark roofs, and I am always amazed by the way the white siding reflects so many different colors, especially in the shadow.

Likewise the bare trees, the varied species and ages of the trees showing multiple shades of red, brown and purple, and those large old oak trees keeping their russet leaves until spring. I have other studies as well, but these three were my favorites, and I framed them a few years ago rather than just having them taped up to the wall in my studio, gathering pastel dust.

All three are done in pastel, though each is drawn on a different grit ground on the paper, from very coarse to very fine, each of which gives a different texture to the pastel, influencing the clarity of detail and even the saturation of color. They are just little things too, each being about 8″ tall. Each is framed differently as well, and that’s what made each even more special.

This was the tenth year for our annual community art show, Carnegie Painted. I have always participated, and even had an art show of my own, and from that developed a set of note cards, from my entries in this show over the years. Visit this page on my website to see My Home Town.

If you’re local, the show is at 3rd Street Gallery on Third Street in Carnegie and hangs all of September.

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