Civil War Movie Premiere at ACFL&MH

front of post card

Espy Post/Marye Heights Post Card front

I designed this post card as an invitation to both visit Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, especially the newly-restored Civil War Room, and also to enjoy an evening viewing this documentary short in the Music Hall and meeting the writer and movie’s producer.

The 30-minute movie is based on a true story of a Confederate soldier who saves Union soldiers after the bloody battle of Fredericksburg.

The image on the front of the post card is from the Civil War Room’s Catalogue of Relics, taken around 1911 to record the condition of the room at that time.

Marye Heights post card

Espy Post/Marye Heights Post Card back

The images on the back include the G.A.R. post medal, which I’ve photographed to use in various means for promoting the room, and two images supplied by the filmmaker.

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