Animated ad for My Three Cats & Co., Inc.

animated advertisement for cat scratchers

Cat scratchers ad for My Three Cats.

This ad is for placement on, specifically for the breeds and shopping pages, and this dictates the size of the ad and the number of product images included in the ad.

This is done using the animation dialogue in PhotoShop, which builds an animation from a layered file with the designer controlling how long each image persists and how many times it animates. The process is fairly simple and also takes very little memory on the page; unlike other animation capabilities such as Flash, you notice that this ad is loaded immediately when you open the page. For, ads must be 20k or less, so I can’t include any “tween” frames that make the images appear to blend from one to another, and I need to keep this in mind when I visualize the design.

It’s always fun to look at the list of three products this customer has sent and come up with a theme that connects them. I’ve designed a few dozen of these over the years, and you can see a few of them on the My Three Cats & Co., Inc. page in the Graphic Design and Illustration area on my website.

This customer has the distinction of being my longest-standing customer. We met in 1998 when I walked into her store with my portraits to see if she’d be interested in me setting up a small display. She was, and she was also interested in the fact that I was a designer because she needed some flyers and advertising. I went on to design her first website and plenty of other printed products, and while she is now an internet-only company she still carries my printed tees. Visit her website at


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