New Design: Heart & Soul Hospice

heart and soul brochure outside

Heart and Soul brochure, outside

Hospice is not an easy subject to discuss, and while I wanted the design to look serious I didn’t want it to look somber. A butterfly is symbolic of passage and transition from life to death or simply a change of physical state, and also of the returning spirit of a loved one. The colors and shapes of spring flowers are uplifting and positive and these provide the background for the helpful, loving message of this company.

I designed this brochure using my own photos for the background, and touched up the logo to print better than the one provided. The copy and editorial photos were provided by the customer. I didn’t design this directly for Heart and Soul, but for a customer who sells printed products to customers and for whom I design the materials she contracts.

heart and soul brochure inside

Heart and Soul Brochure, inside

One comment

  1. Wow! Impressed as always…it is beyond unique…from the heart. Congratulations..Cynthia

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