Upcoming Festivals and Art Markets

my setup in the strip district

My setup in the Artisan Market in the Strip.

I’ve got a pretty busy weekend schedule until the end of September, but I’m really glad for the opportunities. If you’re in Pittsburgh, stop by and say hello, and if not I’ll be sure to share my animal stories and updates on these different events.

August 14 Mt. Washington Art Market, Shiloh Street
August 21 Artisan Market in the Strip District, 20th and Penn
August 28 Hot Dogs in the Strip with the Animal Rescue League, 2701 Penn
September 4 Mt. Washington Art Market, Shiloh Street
September 9-10-11 Carnegie Arts & Heritage Festival, Main Street
September 18 Artisan Market in the Strip District, 20th and Penn
September 25 (afternoon) Applejamm at Beechwood Farms/Audubon Society
September 25 (evening) Best Friends’ Ball with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

These smaller art markets and festivals are relatively new. It used to be that festivals were at least two days, maybe more, and typically at least $100 entry, sometimes up to $500. One-day or Saturday only markets are so much easier to prepare for since they are only one day instead of two—you only have to prepare one days’ merchandise and worry about being completely occupied for one day instead of an entire weekend. They are also much less expensive, and often are community-development efforts to help build traffic in a community so the community really comes out to support, and I’m glad to help in sending out the notice to bring people in.


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