Sold “Serenity” on Etsy

pastel painting of sailboat

Serenity, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

I’m so happy to say I sold this painting on Etsy! To a customer in Arizona, which also has its own lovely landscapes. It’s always sad to kiss one goodbye, but happy to know it’s gone to a loving home–just like finding homes for foster kitties…

This sailboat drifted lazily for hours on the calm waters of Lake Arthur in Western Pennsylvania. As the August afternoon tended toward evening, the sky began to grow pink and the shadows darkened and lengthened, and the serene moment seemed to last for hours.

Painted “en plein air” as I sat on one of the beaches at the north end of the lake, watching this sailboat was one of my favorite afternoons; this painting always takes me back to that day.

Maybe now I’ll have to go back and revisit…

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