See You at the Polish Hill Arts Festival, July 18!

the goddess t-shirt

"The Goddess" will be well represented on my table!

I don’t think there is one level spot anywhere in Polish Hill, but last year I managed to balance everything so that nothing slid off my table in this wonderful little one-day festival.

Still, that means I carry a lot of “soft” things, like crocheted washcloths, tote bags and greeting cards! Nearly everyone who visits has a cat or dog, and many dogs visit the festival with their people.

Join us July 18 from noon to 8 p.m. for a variety of vendors, local music all day long both ethnic and alternative (including a drum corps that will vibrate your very bones), lots of food made in the church basement and hopefully as nice a day as we had last year.

Read more about the festival in this flyer, and read more about Polish Hill, one of Pittsburgh’s traditional neighborhoods, on their website.

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