Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Newsletter

ACFL News 0610

ACFL&MH News Summer 2010

We just finished up the summer issue of this biannual newsletter for one of my favorite places. I designed the 12-page two-color newsletter, and all photos are mine except as noted.

The big story is the renovation and reopening of the Capt. Thos. Espy GAR Post No. 153, or what we’ve always called the “Civil War Room”, and all the related programming. This included the actual reopening event hosted by former governor Dick Thornburgh and his wife, Ginny, the first public docent tours, the “100 Photographic Portraits” of Lincoln exhibit, the performance of Aaron Copland’s “A Lincoln Portrait” and more.

The room was the meeting place of a chapter of one of the first organized veteran’s organizations in history, certainly in the United States, and housed all the artifacts the members deemed important and held dear. Once there were about 7,000 “posts”, now there are fewer than a dozen and this room is possibly the most intact of all.

The facility itself is remarkable in that it’s been constantly serving the public since 1901, and after years of neglect has finally been renovated, room by room, in a huge campaign to restore its original grandeur and update accommodations where necessary.

To read this issue of the newsletter, please visit the Newsletters page on the website. You can also see images of the Civil War Room and events surrounding it, and images of the library and music hall and the facility in general in the Photo Album; I have taken all these photos and organized them into the galleries. Or just browse the website to see what it’s all about; the website is also my design.

I’ve been visiting this library since before I can remember, and I hope it’s still there long after I’m forgotten.

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