Animated Advertisement for My Three Cats & Co., Inc.

Laurel Burch ad for My Three Cats

Animated ad for My Three Cats.

I love to do these little things—it’s just a little thing but it’s a break from designing static advertising. One of these days I’ll get back to some real animation and even try my hand at some video, but for now I just enjoy these.

These animated ads are placed on the site. They specify the size and number of animations (three), and My Three Cats gives me the links to the images and the landing page. I take it from there. In addition to CatChannel, it goes on the customer’s blog and Facebook page, and sometimes on another site if the customer decides to advertise in another electronic site.

If it isn’t animating, refresh the page and it will start again.

I’ve created about three dozen of these ads for My Three Cats. Take a look at a few more on my website on the My Three Cats page.


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