Voices Carry Flyer for Auberle

voices carry flyer

Voices Carry Event Flyer

This customer liked the design so much they decided to use it again this year.

I’m kind of glad—I’m not sure how I would have topped this one! The event is a “karaoke with the stars” benefit to raise funds for the organization which gives social assistance to families and children. The stars are local media and sports personalities.

I started out with three different pieces of artwork and went from there. First, they wanted to use their main logo colors, which are burgundy and gold with black, so any artwork I used would have to carry these colors. Printed gold instead of metallic gold can look like dull brown or light tan if it’s not used right, and I don’t like burgundy used as a screened color because it either becomes pink or brown, so these colors pretty much limited what I’d do with artwork.

The starry background was a little snippet from one of my disks I’d used in something else, and I modified and expanded to make sure there were many bands of color value, and added more stars, creating the multi-pointed sparkle to add more zip to the background.

Aside from where I have an outer glow on the text, the burgundy is entirely a flat color so I don’t have to worry about the awful pink effect. I pulled the a tiny star from the background and used it on the burgundy.

The character in the center was out of clip art, but I took several individual characters and merged their elements to create the person I wanted.

As a final touch, and to make sure you could read the text, I added an outer glow to isolate it from the background, then added a little “sparkle” to the outer edges of a few letters here and there.

This piece was designed for a print broker, so I had no direct contact with the client.

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