Interpretive Signs for Wingfield Pines

This set of signs describes both Wingfield Pines and the abandoned mine drainage system on the site. They will be laminated interpretive signs, the type that are either freestanding or are mounted on a permanent structure at an angle. You can stand and read the sign then look up at the scenery as the information on the sign interprets some feature for you.

They are drafts of what will be the final signs, and although they’ll still have changes I’m pleased with where they are now.

wingfield pines interpretive no 1

Interpretive Sign No. 1: Introduction to the Site

The entrance brings you to about the middle of the site, which is where the first sign is situated. This sign is 48″ x 24″ and includes the overall diagram of the site (taken from the master plan for renewal) so you can get an overall view of the size and layout of the site. It also includes information on features of the site such as the meadow habitat and the wetlands, the trails which tour various areas of the site, and just a bit about the ecology, flora and fauna. There are too many species to list, and they would change all the time, so for this draft I sketched a quick collage of notable species and described the floodplain habitat. I will refine the sketch for the next version.

WP Interpretive No. 2

Interpretive Sign No. 2: Historic Land Use

The second sign is located at the control box or entry point for the AMD outflow into the treatment system. This sign is 36″ x 24″ and discusses the historic uses of the land with three older aerial photos showing dramatic changes to its use and condition. It also includes a section of a mining map showing the tunnels and sections where they would be situated under the mill immediately behind where you are standing so that visitors have an idea where the mine drainage is coming from and the extent of the mine. Finally, it introduces the AMD system.

Interpretive No. 3

Interpretive Sign No. 3: How the System Works

The third sign is located on the opposite side of the AMD system on a slight rise so the viewer can see the series of ponds and the wetland while looking at the sign. It incorporates a recent aerial photo with arrows indicating the path of the water. The sign also describes the three stages of the system and gives a bit of data on the results of water quality.

interpretive sign no. 4

Interpretive Sign No. 4: Wetlands

The fourth sign interprets the wetland area where the outflow has the last of any pollutants cleansed by natural filtration by plants and digestion by microscopic organisms and macroinvertebrates. This sign is 48″ x 24″, and the illustrations used on it were ones I created for the South Fayette Conservation Group for their wetland created at the school campus, while the information within the illustrations is what the SFCG members had composed to describe the hydrologic cycle of how a wetland is created, the hydrophytes that thrive in anaerobic soil and water, the energy cycle including flora, fauna and microscopic organisms and macroinvertebrates. The information at the bottom is specific to Wingfield Pines.

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