Animal Greeting Cards Now Available at Medicine Shoppe in Carnegie

image of animal sympathy card

No other eyes will look at you in quite the same way again.

image of pastel painting of cat under bed

Waiting for Mom, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

They’ll be carrying the full line of Animal Sympathy Cards and Feline Greetings for now as well as two photo cards, “Mirror, Mirror” and “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things”.

I’m so pleased to know they are there, not only because I really like the shop, but because that is where I’ve had my cats’ prescriptions filled for medications my veterinarian doesn’t carry. During the four years Namir and I were managing his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure with at least four medications, I was there at least monthly to fill those prescriptions which were actually the same as they are for humans with similar heart conditions. Greg Romeo, pharmacist and manager, never even blinked when I told him the medications were for cats and he and his staff even accommodated the smaller dosages and learned as much as possible about their veterinary use, consulting with my veterinarian when there was a question just as they would have with my own doctor and a prescription for me.

The Medicine Shoppe in Carnegie sells a ton of cards, and it was often while I was waiting for Namir’s prescriptions to be filled that I browsed for ideas. I had mentioned to Greg that I had greeting cards and he encouraged me to bring them down, he’d be glad to carry them. He supports all sorts of things around Carnegie wherever he can, and supporting a local artist is just as important. For that reason, I always shop at my local stores as well.

I’ll be back with my Flower Greetings and Inspired by Flowers All-occasion cards as well as my My Home Town collection featuring scenes from around Carnegie.

The Medicine Shoppe is located at 340 East Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106.

P.S. That makes four shops in Carnegie that carry my greeting cards (including my own little room in Carnegie Antiques), plus two places outside of Carnegie. I shop at all these places so I felt fine about approaching them for sales of my cards. Now that I can see they are selling well at these places I’m going to begin to approach places I don’t normally shop. Wish me luck!

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