Continuing Whole Health Resources New Look

image of front of rack card

Rack Card Front

rack card back

Rack Card Back

flyer for CD

Flyer for CD

I recently featured the CD we’ve just finished designing which includes the new color scheme and fonts for her materials.

Now, continuing with other materials, we’ve designed a rack card using elements also used in the brochure we’re working on, and a flyer to advertise her CD.

In keeping with the use of organic ingredients in naturopathy, I call the colors Pollen Yellow, Amber Gold and Cinnamon, using the Amber and Cinnamon as alternate background and text color, and Pollen as a highlight font color on the Cinnamon background and as a warming tone behind artwork and text printed in Cinnamon. They are so positive and warm and hard to resist.

For fonts I’m using the Benguiat family featuring strongly-shaped letters with somewhat non-traditional serif shapes and, instead of extremes of thick and thin elements in the letters a calm subtle variation thick and thin lines and graceful curves. The font has three ranges of text weight, and I’ve always appreciated that even at its boldest the font never becomes bulky or awkward as some fonts tend to look overstuffed or inflated. It has no italic, though, and that is an obstacle to work around because an italic form is necessary now and then. The alternate font is a smooth, informal handwritten-looking script called Angelina.

The rack card is 3.5″ x 8.5″, roughly the size of a folded tri-fold, but it is just a vertical card. It’s handy to get a quick point across when a business card isn’t enough. And considering those organic ingredients, we are using images of natural materials and scenes screened in the background.

The Amber background on the CD flyer is warm and calm for a bright, bold color, exactly what we had wanted. You can see the CD designs in a previous post.

black and white ad design

Advertisement for program

In addition to all this color design work, the customer wanted to run an ad in the program for a conference she is sponsoring where these materials will be distributed. The program is in black and white, however, and how to get across the same feel without using color? At least use one of the images and all the same fonts.

Visit my website to see all the items I’ve done for Whole Health Resources so far.

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