Allegheny Land Trust Newsletter Illustrated Layout

designed two-page spread

Vistas January 2010 center spread design

Earlier I featured the illustrations I’d done for the most recent issue of Allegheny Land Trust’s newsletter Vistas. Here is the finished center spread for the newsletter in its full design.

The idea is to show how many man-made processes we’ve devised to imitate the processes perfected by nature in her design of trees—the green roof imitating the insulating and rainwater detention and cleansing properties of the tree canopy, the detention pit imitating the natural trough around a tree that naturally detains stormwater during and after a storm, various water filters that imitate what a tree’s leaves, branches and roots do to cleanse water, and using the natural intake and outflow of plants in a bio-swale or rain garden in imitation of the natural process of a forest.

The concept was originated by Angelo Ciotti of the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie-Mellon University, then given to me to compose and create the illustrations and write the first draft of copy.

Visit the Allegheny Land Trust page on my website to see other projects I’ve designed for ALT.

Also visit the Allegheny Land Trust website to read this latest newsletter and read about land conservation in Allegheny County.

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