Join Me Tonight for Poetry and Art

pastel painting of creek in spring

Spring Comes to a Bend in the Creek

Coming Spring: Poetry Reading

Twelve new poems and one new piece of artwork, plus a display of favorites originals, prints and notecards! And remember that the theme is SPRING!

Join me at my fourth annual poetry reading and art exhibit at Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. I will feature 12 new poems and the fourth and final installment of my “Art of the Watershed” series and will introduce my new painting, “Spring Morning at a Bend in the Creek”, in an exhibit of my work.

My biggest inspiration for poetry, prose and artwork is the world right around me, and I enjoy the opportunity to share it from the perspective of one who walks and hikes and bikes and carries a camera, art materials and journal everywhere—even around the house—so the inspirations are fresh.

In December, 2006, two of my poems were chosen to be published on a section of the Prairie Home Companion website entitled “Stories From Home/First Person” for submissions of writing about the place we feel most familiar. ACFL&MH invited me to perform a poetry reading and to display the artwork that inspired those poems.

My prior readings have been:

pastel painting of snowy woods

Dusk in the Woods

“Paths I Have Walked” in 2007, featuring “Dusk in the Woods”;

“Winter Twilight” in 2008, featuring “Summer Morning on the Creek”;

“Change of Season” in 2009, featuring “Autumn Comes to the Valley”;

A reception follows the reading.Visit the writing section of my website to read other poems and see other artwork, and visit the ACFL&MH website for directions to the hall.


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