My Fourth Annual Poetry Reading at ACFL&MH

pastel painting of rushing creek with bare trees

"Spring Thaw", preparatory sketch for "Spring Comes to a Bend in the Creek"

Coming Spring: Poetry Reading
Join me at my fourth annual poetry reading and art exhibit at Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. I will feature 12 new poems and the fourth and final installment of my “Art of the Watershed” series and will introduce my new painting, “Spring Morning at a Bend in the Creek”, in an exhibit of my work.

In December, 2006, two of my poems were chosen to be published on a section of the Prairie Home Companion website entitled “Stories From Home/First Person” for submissions of writing about the place we feel most familiar. ACFL&MH invited me to perform a poetry reading and to display the artwork that inspired those poems.

My biggest inspiration for poetry, prose and artwork is the world right around me, and I enjoy the opportunity to share it from the perspective of one who walks and hikes and bikes and carries a camera, art materials and journal everywhere—even around the house—so the inspirations are fresh.

A reception follows the reading.Visit the writing section of my website to read poems and see artwork from my prior poetry readings, and visit the ACFL&MH website for directions to the hall.

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