Small Original Paintings at The Black Lamb Consignment

one pepper in enamel bowl

One Pepper, pastel, one of the pieces that's at The Black Lamb

I stopped in to meet the owner of this new store, and I really love consignment and second-hand shops, anyway. A few of my artist friends have told me they had sold art at consignment stores so I asked the owner, Rebecca, how she felt about selling art in her shop. She told me to bring the art down, and I packed up all the small originals I have, the little framed sketches from the trail, the experiments with different media and works I’ve trimmed out of larger pieces. They sell well at shows and festivals, but I wouldn’t have any for a while, and the subject matter is really more suitable to what else she is selling. I thought she was only going to look them over, but to my surprise, we cleaned them up and hung them all.

The Black Lamb Consignment is located at 323 East Main Street in Carnegie. Stop in to see the interesting things she’s got!



  1. marie

    1.I am somewhat confused by your statement of dropping off your paintings at a consignment store and being suprised when the owner hung them in her store, when you previously had a consignment shop at the same location.

    • Marie–I had another customer, Azzaro Consignment, who owned the store before The Black Lamb, and I had designed Azzaro’s website but never had work there. I went to talk to the owner of the Black Lamb to see if she was interested in a website or promotional ideas since I work with many businesses in Carnegie in the same way. Instead of doing design work together, she invited me to bring in some artwork, which I’ve never done in a consignment shop, though I have in plenty of art galleries. It’s an interesting twist! I had a small gift shop for about a year in 2004-05, and this week I’m moving some work into one of the back rooms of Carnegie Antiques, another customer, so that I can have an offsite place to show my stuff and support her business. Though it’s my goal to own a gallery devoted to animal artwork, I’m only at these sites for a few hours one day a week at this point. Some day I’ll have my own place!

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