Merchandise at Consignment Stores

For the holidays I’ve placed a few items at two local consignment stores, Emma Jean’s Attic at 34 East Main Street in Carnegie and at the H.J. Paul and Sons Agway on Glass Road in Robinson.

pastel painting of pear trees on main street carnegie

Pear Trees on Main Street from the "My Home Town" collection

Ray at Emma Jean’s specializes in shabby chic, candles and unique decorative items, but the store is named for his oldest pug, Emma Jean, so the store is animal-friendly! I have a woven blanket or two, animal sympathy cards and a few sets of “My Cats in the Sun” and “Eye on the Sparrow” note cards, plus the “My Home Town” set of note cards featuring Carnegie. Ray also has information commissioned portraits.

image of woven cotton blanket

Dusk in the Woods woven cotton blanket

I have purchased bird seed and cat food, plants, seeds and tools at the Agway for years, and asked if they’d like to carry some of my things for the holidays. I have the “Dusk in the Woods” blanket there because it depicts a local place, and a wolf blanket since a customer really likes wolves. I also set up a sampling of just about all the greeting and note cards I carry—animal sympathy cards, flower greeting cards, feline artwork greet cards, a few sets of “My Cats in the Sun”, “Kitties Being Kitties” and “Eye on the Sparrow” note cards as well.

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