Commissioned Pen and Ink Sketch of a House

pen and ink sketch of house

Pen and ink sketch of house

I haven’t had the opportunity to create a sketch of a house for several years, and I thought people had lost interest now that everyone has digital cameras. But I was contacted by an out-of-town person who wanted to have this done for her mother-in-law for Christmas because her in-laws were moving from the big home to a smaller one. I had a realtor photo, a photo sent by another daughter, and I ran out to that neighborhood to make sure I knew what the swings looked like in the trees out front because they were very important to the children. The house is surrounded by trees which were bare, and while I love bare trees I much preferred the summer look from the other photos I had, so I combined them all for an 8″ x 10″ sketch.

When a commissioned work is a gift for another I’m always pleased and honored to be a part of the gift-giving, but it also means I have to wait until after the gift is given to hear the reaction. The woman was very pleased with her sketch, and I hope she treasures it always wherever she goes.

And if you are family members who’ve come to see the sketch, welcome! Visit the Houses page on my website where you can click to see a larger version.


  1. Rebecca

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful reproduction of my in-laws home! Although I haven’t seen the drawing in person yet, I could tell from my mother-in-law’s voice over the phone that she will treasure your drawing forever.
    It was such a pleasure working with you. I can’t believe my good luck that I found you through the internet. Thank you for taking such care in your efforts to get the drawing right—it is a perfect likeness of their home (including the swings!!)
    Thanks again.

  2. My pleasure, Rebecca! What a chance meeting, but it worked well and I enjoyed working with you, too. And I’m glad you mentioned the swings! Bernadette

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