A New Career as a Voice-over Artist

Kane's Woods pathwith kids

Kane's Woods in Scott Township © B.E. Kazmarski

I was surprised but pleased to be asked by the Scott Conservancy to do the voiceover for a video they were producing about their organization and especially about Kane’s Woods, or Whiskey Point. They said my voice sounded warm and friendly, and it was such a compliment. You can see the video on YouTube. It was shot and produced by interns from Robert Morris College.

Kane's Woods

The photo above is my niece and her children on a hike in Kane’s Woods at Whiskey Point.

Not just for flattery, but also because this piece of land was also one of my playgrounds while I was growing up. There was an old farm, and a stream, and a pony in a barn, and you couldn’t keep me away from visiting the pony, following deer trails on this steep hillside, splashing in the stream, picking up artifacts and interesting bracket fungus and feathers. I’m so glad this is still available to people, especially children, to explore.

It’s actually taken me many years to clear away all the lisps and stutters and other issues I had with speaking and sometimes I think I sound too formal and practiced, but I remember one speech therapist in grade school tell me to smile while I was speaking and I know I took that lesson to heart.


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